NUITEQ Raises USD 920,000

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

NUITEQ, the award-winning multitouch software developer, announced this week, that it has raised a 7,8 MSEK (USD 920,000) series A round of financing, led by Swedish venture capital firm Inlandsinnovation AB.

In addition to Inlandsinnovation, several business angels from Sweden and Holland participated in the venture financing round.

We are told that the investment will be utilised to accelerate NUITEQ’s growth worldwide, support its global partner network, as well as further develop its software innovations.

Harry van der Veen, CEO at NUITEQ told us “We are very excited about this investment, as it validates the potential of our company and products. Our software solutions for interactive touchscreens are making a significant impact within classrooms and corporate meeting rooms. Leveraging our interactive technology, our customers are improving the way they communicate and learn. This investment will assist us to further drive growth in these areas.”

Andrej Kledzik, Investment Manager at Inlandsinnovation said “The interest in interactive technologies is big in education, retail and ‘infotainment’. NUITEQ is a leading edge company, that we believe has great growth potential both nationally as well as internationally.”

NUITEQ’s customers and partners include Lenovo, 3M, NEC, Ericsson, Accenture and General Electric.

The company’s software product Snowflake Suite, which comes in three editions, namely Business, Entertainment and Education (MultiTeach), is used in over 70 countries around the world.

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