Custom Front End Development

Chris Sheldrake

Delivering Digital Ltd.’s philosophy is all about customization – taking generic CMS platforms and making them work for real-world digital signage networks. We are not sure we like the ‘Digital Signage 2.0’ moniker (that they seem to like) but we have been following what these folks have been doing in the UK (almost entirely behind-the-scenes) for a couple of years.

Now though they are starting to raise their heads above the parapet AND they have just gone public with an offering for custom front end development for Scala, EnQii, Digital View, Dynamax and the Acquire software platforms.

Martin Ayrton, Delivering Digital’s CTO explains “The Digital Signage Industry is entering its next phase of development. As initial pilots become major rollouts, network operators are fast moving away from infrastructure and technology concerns – and are instead focusing on mechanisms that help them manage their rapidly scaling content and media sales needs”

The Delivering Digital team cut their teeth working in-house at large digital networks – initially working with EnQii to enable companies like Pharmacy Channel, CCN and Vision TV better adapt the EnQii ‘Remote Transfer’ system to the network’s unique and specific workflow requirements.

Delivering Digital also built the ‘front end’ web portal for TravelTV on the Acquire CMS platform which enabled non-technical staff in independent travel agents to input their own media messaging, manage their playlists and run individual screens.

They also built a back-end to allow TravelTV to manage their network and integrate directly with Acquire.

In April they will be releasing software to support both Digital View’s new RP-500 and Dynamax’s CMS platform.

Richard Cobbold, Managing Director of Digital View told us also “I watched how these guys enabled one of our network customers to scale their operations from 50 to 500 screens in under a year”

He added “We are now extremely excited to be working with them to develop custom interfaces – uniquely branded to each customer – for our new RP-500 player”

About Delivering Digital Ltd:

In their third year, Delivering Digital Ltd is a specialist software development house, dedicated purely to the digital signage and digital out-of-home industry. The company writes software that enables media companies to adapt ‘off-the-shelf’ systems to their own specific and unique workflow and branding requirements. Delivering Digital’s team all come from the digital signage industry and all have worked in-house for digital network owners. The company is currently involved in projects for digital media networks such as Pharmacy Channel, Travel TV, Post Office Network & Life Channel; and technology companies like EnQii Media, Scala, Digital View, Working Solutions & Dynamax.

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  1. Simon Fairbank Says:

    Well done Martin. DD is a fantastic company and I hope we can work together in the future.

  2. Amanda Healey Says:

    Congratulations Martin, I appreicate all the work you have done making life easier for both me and my staff over the years. Your a true professional.

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