What’s Happened to the UAE?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Actually a lot of the Middle East, not just the UAE!

Late last year we had at least three signage vendors talk about opening offices in places such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar and we heard even more talk of deals to be done and deployments to be made.

For such a bustling, growing region we have in fact heard little about digital signage. A couple of companies have been playing around with Shopping Malls, Imagesound have been doing some retail music there and there has been talk of a number of bus shelter street furniture proposals but generally we would say that all the ‘promise’ shown by vendors has come to nothing / little if anything.

The Broadsign, Planar and Scala’s of this world all have resellers out there but we haven’t heard very much from any of them in terms of installs. EnQii of course have a physical presence there.

We are beginning to think that we (the office) are missing something.


The Middle East is a historical and political region of Afro-Eurasia with no clear boundaries. The term “Middle East” was popularized around 1900 in Britain; it has a loose definition traditionally encompassing countries or regions in Western Asia and parts of North Africa.

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