Nanonation at BOTH Digital Signage Expo(s)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Kiosk Europe Expo 2008

Brian Ardinger and Bradley Walker from Nanonation are two of the featured speakers on day 3 (8th May 2008) of the Digital Signage Panel Workshop Programme at Digital Signage Expo 2008 which runs alongside the Kiosk event in Essen, Germany.

We see also that Nanonation are at the Las Vegas Convention Centre Digital Signage Expo event that opens next week.

Their speaker topic in Essen is entitled “Beyond Digital Signage: How Interactivity and Integration are Impacting the Customer Experience” and is summarised as…

From touch screens and mobile phones to RFID-triggered smart shelves; find out how businesses are using the power of interaction to impact the customer experience and measure the results.

We missed them last time they were in Europe but are interested to see their take on Digital Signage and ‘interactivity’ in particular – as long as they don’t mention Bluetooth anyway!!!

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