TAB To Run Pilot Test Of New Measurement System Following Board’s Approval

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The Traffic Audit Bureau is set to begin tests in January, 2016, on its new measurement system, christened Operation M.O.R.E. (Measurement Optimization and Ratings Enhancement) following approval at last week’s Board of Directors meeting (Dec. 3/15).

Kym FrankThe Exec. Committee had already given its approval.

A new 10-person committee representing various TAB member groups (see below) is expected to help lay out the parameters for tests in three markets, likely to be: one with heavy pedestrian traffic; one with heavy vehicular and one with a mass transit system.

While it is expected that the tests will run for about six months, Kym Frank, TAB president, hopes to have preliminary data ready for the TAB/OAAA conference being held April 18-20, 2016, in Boca Raton.

The new measurement system will enhance the predictive average weekly impressions of the current system (ie predictive ratings and ratings after the campaign), allowing predictive delivery at a more granular level, allowing measurement by day of week and time of day.

Advertisers want – and need – such information. In fact, one unnamed advertiser told Frank recently that such information is vitally important to him because of a baseball stadium being in a location where he advertises. He told Frank that knowing measurement about certain days of the week and times of day would mean that he would significantly increase his budget.

In addition, the new measurement tests will be able to provide actual delivery impressions of inventory where a campaign is running.

Beyond that, the new measurement system will expand audience profiles beyond demographics. For example, there will be more behavioral information.

“Everything is about hypertargeting,” says Frank.

Further, the new system can give consistent measurement across formats. For example, advertisers will now get impressions re roadside advertising versus transit advertising for their campaigns. So it will be a more level playing field. Such granular information can enhance reach and frequency across various formats.

In terms of technology, Operation M.O.R.E. will also look at mobile data and at fusing multi layers of GPS technology.

“The prevalence of mobile devices enables us to fuel our measurement system with consumer movement data in ways never before possible,”
says Frank. “Operation M.O.R.E. is a game-changer for the OOH industry. I am grateful to our members for their support in this project.”

The 10-member committee mentioned above includes: Andrew Stevens, Clear Channel Outdoor; James Price, OUTFRONT Media; Cheryl Zimmermann, Lamar Advertising; Erica Line, Adams Outdoor Advertising/Fairway Media Group; Neil Eddleston, JCDecaux; Peter MacDonald, MacDonald Media; Huw Griffiths, Universal McCann; Michael Lieberman, GroupM; Jon Carmack, The Buntin Grioup; Steve Singer, The Singer Group.

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