Dear AKA.TV, It’s Ocean Outdoor!

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Last October Media Week were the first to write about Ocean Outdoor’s work with Land Securities, owner’s (amongst others) of the St ?John’s and Clayton Square shopping centres in Liverpool.

The scoop back then was that Ocean Outdoor were working with them on a giant LED screen (Media Week said 31 x 7, AKA.TV say 21 x 7). Neither of those proportions make it the largest LED in Europe, but they do make the screen the largest to take 3rd party media and advertising (a ‘commercial’ screen as Ocean Outdoor correctly position it).

AKA.TV’s take on the story yesterday (shown below) we think completely misses the point. The ‘real’ story for the industry is not the size, not the Mall, not Liverpool or the City of Culture status but the fact that it is another giant digital screen that Ocean Outdoor are managing.

The High Impact / Outdoor sector is doing rather well with digital at the moment (note JC Decaux’s recent digital billboard announcement and CBS Outdoor’s probable digital mall) and it is the advertising aspects of this giant screen deal that are important – not the AV installation bit (leave that to the specialist magazines).

This is a great deal for Ocean Outdoor and we look forward to hearing about the brands that will be using it.

From AKA.TV…

21 Feb 2008

To coincide with its new status as European City of Culture 2008 – work has begun this week in Liverpool, UK on the installation of Europe’s largest media screen.

The 21-meter by 7-meter screen, similar to that in Times Square in New York, will appear on the side of the central St. John Shopping Mall.

As well as advertising and promotional media, the screen will include a specially designed section telling the history of the city and covering local cultural events..

Mall owner, Land Securities says the screen will be ready by April and will cover the site for the next five years. The scheme is part of UK PDS 100m redevelopment plan taking place over the next four years.

From Media Week…

Europe’s largest screen hits Liverpool
30th October 2007

The largest digital advertising screen in Europe is set to be unveiled in Liverpool following planning consent from the local city council.

Ocean Outdoor is working with Land Securities, owner of the city’s St? John’s and Clayton Square shopping centres, to place the site in a? 90-metre-long media wall.

The screen, measuring 31 metres by 7 metres, will be positioned in front of St John’s and will be flanked on either side by still images, which the city council will use to show a welcome message to visitors.

The semi-permanent structure should be up and running in time for the? beginning of Liverpool’s term as the Capital of Culture next year.

Land Securities claims the screen is the largest commercially available? digital screen in Europe and has handed its launch and management to? Ocean Outdoor.

Ocean, which is run by founder Damian Cox, specialises in large format? sites and manages a series of high-profile locations including the BFI? Imax in Waterloo, Centre Point and Trafalgar Square.

We are not sure yet who supplied the LED. Rumour has it that it was an Israeli manufacturer.

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