‘3D Enabled’ Households By 2012

Chris Sheldrake

Interesting quote from Sarah Carroll, Director of Continuous Services, Futuresource Consulting in their recent research ‘Strategic Impact of 3D’ report on the 3D enabled home, she said “Consumers are starting to experience the new wave of 3D technologies at the cinema and through Digital Out of Home advertising, and it won’t be long before there’s a groundswell of demand for 3D within the home”

Bottom line Futuresource Consulting believe that by 2012 more than 10% of US and Japanese households will be ‘3D enabled’ and Western Europe won’t be far behind.

Now more than ever it seems that 3D is coming to the fore, with backing from all major sectors of the entertainment and consumer electronics industries.

3D movie production of course is intensifying and cinemas all over the world are investing in 3D technologies – feedback too, from audiences has been highly positive, with encouraging ticket sales.

Futuresource Consulting however believe that the ultimate goal is to bring 3D to the home. Their report reveals studios, consumer electronics companies, broadcasters, video game vendors and network operators are all poised to power 3D through the consumer diffusion curve.

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