#IOT @SIGFOX / @OutfrontMediaUS Agreement

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

New York-based OUTFRONT Media Inc., one of the largest out-of-home media companies in the U.S., has entered into an agreement with SIGFOX, major provider of global communications service for the Internet of Things to install SIGFOX’s wireless equipment on OUTFRONT Media’s sites throughout the US.

OUTFRONT Media logoThis approach is a part of the SIGFOX strategy to deploy its dedicated IoT network across 100 U.S. cities this year, bringing wireless connectivity to millions of low-powered devices globally. These devices support a wide variety of applications such as utility metering, asset tracking, agricultural sensor management and oil, and gas monitoring.

“This agreement marks our commitment to bring new innovative technologies and revenue to OUTFRONT’s business,”
says Andy Sriubas, OUTFRONT’s executive vice-president, strategic planning and development. “This SIGFOX deployment is proof that our infrastructure can be an integral part of solutions that facilitate the rapid deployment of wireless networks while simultaneously providing connectivity to our boards.

“As businesses adapt to the reality of today’s increasingly digital landscape, OUTFRONT remains focused on finding creative ways to help companies keep up with shifting consumer demands. Part of this strategy includes helping communities increase the effectiveness of their IoT devices, improve the overall quality of life for Americans and champion ideas that will drive technological transformation – in an increasingly interconnected world.”

“SIGFOX is pleased to work with OUTFRONT Media in the deployment of the SIGFOX global network across the US,” says Allen Proithis, SIGFOX’s president, North America. “The OUTFRONT Media assets provide SIGFOX with a flexible and creative option to install antennas and base stations for an efficient and cost effective roll out of sites to provide basic network coverage, in addition to filling strategic gaps that provide additional capacity in specific geographies.”

The agreement with SIGFOX is part of OUTFRONT’s partnership with Diamond Communications LLC to market and manage wireless attachment placement opportunities on its assets.

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