Bright Lights, Big Impact

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

INC. Magazine is a US magazine, the ‘Daily Resource for Entrepreneurs’ – March 2008 sees an interesting article entitled ‘Bright Lights, Big Impact – Why digital billboards are growing in popularity’

Bill Gerba, author of the blog Digital Signage News and CEO of WireSpring, a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, company that makes software for electronic signage, was quoted “the best digital billboards are not simple branding exercises. Rather, they alert drivers to time-sensitive opportunities and urge them to take action”.

The article made no mention of the extra revenue that both Deutsche Bank and Citigroup have said can be made from a digital display face over traditional, nor did it mention the pretty rapid rollout of digital from the likes of Lamar and Clear Channel.

Good article though and you can read it online here

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