Digital Eyelight at East Midlands Airport

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Credit Suisse at “East Midlands Airport”

The folks at Eye Corp have added some more digital screens to their installations at airports – and can now be seen at East Midlands Airport in the UK as well.

The units themselves, 46″ diagonal single sided (which have been around many years now) look very similar to the units that Esprit Digital (slightly larger diagonal and double sided) have been showing to various folks.

What I like about this particular installation is the thought that has been put into where and how they have been placed. as Damien Edmonds, their marketing director in the UK says “…they are positioned head-on in key locations with considered approach routes allowing 100% coverage of the airport audience” – I like that – it beats traditional posters on the walls.

I was in Copenhagen over the weekend and the two main outdoor operators there are AFA JCDecaux and Clear Channel. I didn’t see one digital poster from these guys though I did see some really interesting creative and poster designs.

AFA JCDecaux had a strong billboard presence at the airport but again nothing digital.

There were digital screens at the airport – part of an LG-Electronics Sweden network – definitely TV style rather than Posters.

These were well placed for passengers (possibly placed a little high) but the content was awful – running a mix of TV News programs (BBC World News mainly).

I expect AFA have the rights to solely advertise across the Airport but that is no excuse for poor content and poor information on the LG Screen network – simply running out a TV feed is just not good enough.

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