dZine Equips Poland’s ERA Mobile Stores

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Belgian hardware manufacturer and software designer, dZine has just announced the completion of the first phase of its extensive installation for Polska Telefonia’s ERA Mobile Service retail outlets.

In total, 300 shops in 120 cities across Poland have been equipped with 800 dZine solid-state players. The installation was done by ICSystems (dZine approved partner) and Samsung & Barco delivered the LCD screens.

Plans are in place to install a further 200 players this year, and eventually all of the remaining 75 ERA boutiques, as well as their franchisees, will have the technology.

About dZine

dZine has been delivering digital signage solutions for already more than 17 years and has an installed base of 90,000 + players worldwide

dZine’s solutions were originally conceived for the departure and arrival information displays at airports (more than 250 installations worldwide) and are built for 24/7 operation, stability (non-Windows / non-Linux platform, passive cooled, watchdog) and user friendliness.

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