Carpooling, The Electronic Paper Way

Maddie Cotterill

BePooler, a Swiss company, is claiming to have made strides in sustainable mobility by providing free parking spots to commuters carpooling to work. For the first time anywhere, these pre-booked parking spaces are clearly marked through the use of real-time epaper signs powered by Visionect…


BePooler has partnered with Visionect in promoting sustainable mobility through the use of off-the-grid electronic paper parking signs which reserve free parking spots for commuters in Bepooler’s Park & Ride scheme.

Currently in use by 15 European companies, the BePooler carpooling service generates over 300 shared trips per week and offers preferential parking spaces booked for those who join the service. Currently BePooler’s Park & Ride scheme allows commuters to carpool to Switzerland’s Ponte Tresa station and have a reserved parking space waiting for them when they continue their journey by train (a selection of reserved parking spots is available also to visitors of the Gambarogno sports centre).

These parking spots are clearly marked in real-time, displaying the licence plates of the vehicles participating in the program on solar-powered electronic paper displays. They are powered by Visionect technology, tried and tested in numerous demanding outdoor applications, from eink traffic signs in Australia to bus stops in London.

The Park Smart Signs have been developed to be independent from the electrical grid, using as little power as possible and supporting impeccable sunlight readability, connecting via 3G to receive content updates. Users can securely book the parking spot through the BePooler App wherever they are, with the licence plate of the car allowed to park showing up on the parking sign mere seconds later.

Andrea Moglia, general manager of BePooler told us “By facilitating ride sharing we are creating carpoolers and partial transit riders of people who used to drive alone the whole way into work. Our goal is simple: to promote smart mobility. It would have been an impossible feat without the right technology partner. Visionect proved a perfect fit, opening the door for even the most demanding use case.”

Implemented in collaboration with the communities of Lavena-Ponte Tresa, Italy and Ponte Tresa, Switzerland, we understand that the project is now making its way to France.

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