A Fool and Their Money Are Easily Parted

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We’re not quite sure why any digital signage software vendors – new startup or established vendor, would ever choose to exhibit at #CES0217 but that’s exactly what Normandy, France based APTIKO aim to do.

They think that they will be found in Eureka Park, a so-called selection of the 450 best startups in the world but which in reality is a dystopian bazaar full of whoever paid for the privilege and whoever wants to sift through the detritus of #CES2017 who wander away from the main halls.

Their press release says “The young company came from Normandy targets the retail and shops market, but also the smart cities working on citizens involvment. APTIKO’s sector is the In Shop Advertising, already weighting 1,3 Bn€ in France, in continuous increase.”.

If it’s not too late to cancel your stand, all we can say is bon voyage and bon chance.

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  1. Aptiko Says:

    We will be delighted to meet you at #ces2017 to make you discover @Aptiko_official

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