Programmatic Buying Capabilities Live in Belgium say Clear Channel Int’l

Maddie Cotterill

Clear Channel International (CCI), the international division of Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) says that it has launched the first out-of-home programmatic buying tool with a guaranteed offer in Europe.

Clear Channel International also announced plans for the continued roll-out of its programmatic capabilities across Europe, including details of a March launch in the UK.

William Eccleshare, Chairman and CEO of Clear Channel International, told us
“Programmatic buying has revolutionised the buying process in many key media sectors and we believe it will do the same for out-of-home. Anything that makes our fabulous product easier to buy is to be wholeheartedly welcomed. We are making our media simpler to plan, buy, optimise and measure through familiar buying technologies offering data-fueled audience-based solutions in real time. We thus offer new and existing customers the measurability, creativity and flexibility they demand. Clear Channel International’s programmatic solution enables brands to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. It connects them even more effectively with their audience – whilst still allowing them to achieve the mass reach and fame Outdoor delivers more efficiently than any other medium. The launch of our programmatic buying solution represents a pivotal moment not just for Clear Channel International, but in the evolution of out-of-home, which has truly completed its transformation into a 21st Century digital media.”

The first iteration of Clear Channel International’s programmatic solution focuses on trading its inventory on an automated guaranteed basis – giving media buyers the ability to reserve a fixed volume of inventory at a fixed price. Customers can now access and buy audience-based packages across Clear Channel’s digital out-of-home network in the city of Brussels, via programmatic channels that include the Demand Side Platform Adform, and a proprietary Clear Channel platform. The system is fuelled by data from existing out-of-home audience data-sets – both proprietary and third party. By offering solutions based on audience, using buying tools and technologies with which media buyers are already familiar, Clear Channel’s programmatic solution significantly simplifies the process of buying out-of-home.

The next Clear Channel market to offer automated buying capabilities will be the UK. In the first phase, buyers will have access to Clear Channel UK’s premium digital out-of-home estate, Storm, from March. This will be followed by the addition of its digital Retail portfolio across shopping malls and supermarkets and Adshel Live, the UK’s largest digital roadside out-of-home advertising network.

Clear Channel UK’s CEO Justin Cochrane told us “In the UK, Clear Channel’s vision is to Create the Future of Media, Out of Home. Launching a Programmatic solution is the next logical step in our market, which has been undergoing an unprecedented digital transformation over the past twelve months. We have already seen advertisers embrace the creative possibilities of digital to activate deliver flexible, contextually relevant campaigns that connect brands with people. Now we are investing in automation to further increase advertiser benefits. Success for us is to offer a huge array of possibilities for advertisers while making out-of-home simpler and even more effective with increased flexibility, creativity and measurability.”

Since the Belgian platform went live on January 9, 2017, media buyers have bought digital-out-of-home campaigns programmatically, for major advertisers including Beobank via Blu 449, Deliveroo via Kinetic and Mercedes-Benz via ZenithOptimedia. We understand that other media buyers who are also using the solution include; Space, Posterscope, Outsight and Outdoor Service

Clear Channel International’s programmatic tool is set to continue to evolve with additional capabilities as it is further scaled internationally. We were told that programmatic will ultimately embrace all of Clear Channel International’s solutions involving both traditional panels and digital screens, but will initially focus on digital out-of-home inventory as this will have the added capability of real-time campaign adaptation and delivery.

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