Ostohetkellä olet huomattavan tehokas

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Market Media Oy

Just as Christopher Columbus ‘discovered’ a continent that was always there (and, err full of a native people) we also enjoy ‘discovering’ new networks.

Continuing our theme with regard all the activity in the Scandinavian market, we have come across Market Media Oy – a Helsinki (that’s in Finland for all those who remember the scene in the movie “Die Hard” where the newsreader tells all that it is in Sweden) based retail media operator.

These folks run a Market Media Pharma channel, yet another very successful Pharmaceutical / Apotheke niched network (surely as we have said before, the MOST successful niche in EMEA of any digital out of home initiative).

Juha Kaavinen tells us that “Pharmacy media coverage is already 50% of the annual number of prescriptions in Finnish pharmacies”

According to recent media research in Finland wthin the distribution channel performed by TNS Gallup, Market Media Pharma is by far the most recognised type of media in the pharmacies surveyed!

Market Media Pharma runs across 300 Pharmacies across the country.

Market Media Oy also have screens in the waiting rooms of 20 private (health) clinics.

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