Art By Chance UK Audience Estimated 25m

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

city-gateway-manchesterArt by Chance is of course the first Ultra Short Film Festival running exclusively run on outdoor digital screens across the UK – shown running here on City Gateway Media’s Manchester tower.

The festival which has been billed as the ‘largest public art event ever’ is part of a global event that is being broadcast across 16,000 screens in 14 countries in 64 cities and may reach an estimated 188m people worldwide.

In the UK, the Sony sponsored film festival can be seen in shopping malls and city centres nationwide and is being broadcast to an estimated audience of 25m.

Based around the theme ‘Journey’, 30 film entries have been picked out by a panel of judges from over 700 ‘30 second’ short film entries and will appear on screens until 3rd June.

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