Fathom Signs Agreement w/ @Gimbal

Andrew Neale

Fathom, a Bluetooth real-time location system asset tracking company, has signed an agreement with Gimbal which includes joint marketing and sales referrals to common prospective enterprise customers, enables Fathom to distribute Gimbal beacons and for it to leverage Gimbal Secure Mode functionality.

The press release stated that the partnership presented customers with the combined strengths of each company: Gimbal’s reliable beacons and over-the-air security and Fathom’s high-accuracy indoor location platform.

Fathom CEO Guylain Roy-MacHabée said “With Fathom to monitor and locate their beacons, both existing and new Gimbal deployments will enjoy the best each company offers. We are building a partner ecosystem with the best global beacon vendors and we are proud to work with Gimbal. Fathom’s asset tracking customers can now purchase Gimbal beacons directly from us, including the popular coin-sized Gimbal S10 — an ideal form factor that enables exciting and secure asset tracking scenarios.”

Fathom offers next-generation indoor location technology, utilizing Bluetooth to enhance asset tracking systems. Fathom complements asset tracking systems by providing greater coverage than RFID, greater accuracy than Wi-Fi and at a lower cost than other real-time location systems like ultra-wideband (UWB).

Brian Dunphy, general manager for Gimbal’s enterprise business told us “Fathom’s location expertise and ability to accurately locate beacons indoors without the need for a mobile app is a natural fit for the asset tracking market. We are delighted to be working with Fathom to expand the reach of each other’s products in the marketplace.”

Gimbal harnesses the power of location and proximity to drive value and create personalized experiences for customers, using location-specific events, geofences and beacons to access deep data analytics via a sophisticated location management platform.

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