The National Towers New UK Wide Channel, @JCDecaux_UK

Maddie Cotterill

JCDecaux has expanded its iconic London Towers format across the UK by launching a new premium state-of-the-art digital channel, which is to be called The National Towers.

Spencer Berwin, Co-Chief Executive Officer at JCDecaux UK, told us “This is the first time we are launching our exclusive digital large format in these regions so the National Towers marks a major development in our digital expansion across the UK, bolstering our position as market leader in digital OOH. This investment significantly extends our reach and scale, providing an exciting opportunity for advertisers to reach a huge number of consumers across the country on high-impact, quality platforms in a single channel. It is perfect for brands wishing to target an affluent audience as they travel to and from major cities in the UK.”

The expansion sees the London Towers format established in six major UK cities including Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leeds and Sheffield. Incorporating nine iconic Towers in a consistent portrait format with twelve screens, the Towers will generate a combined 8.5 million viewed digital impressions over a 1-week period, marking a milestone as the company continues its goal of reaching #onebillioneyeballs by the end of 2017.

The iconic Towers will provide an unbeatable presence in major UK cities with the first site launched in Liverpool. The six cities have a combined total yearly retail spend of £13 billion (Source: CACI) and the new channel will provide brands with an opportunity to reach an affluent audience as they travel to and from these cities.

As part of the Towers Promise, JCDecaux has committed to providing the best quality display, with each Tower architecturally designed to provide the ideal framework for advertising, while the high resolution 10mm pixel pitch screens provide high visibility and maximum quality for advertisers. Each Tower is also strategically positioned on main arterial routes and wealth corridors into the city centres for maximum visibility.

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