Startups During A Recession

Chris Sheldrake

Word reaches us of a couple of new startups coming our way – “As you can see, we’ve had our eye on you for some time now, Mr. Anderson” – the first of which is a new online content business from Denmark, similar in many respects to Bluefox and Iconic Images.

Founder, Brian Anderson told us “My mission is to sell high quality video to the DS business. I developed a digital signage solution with 700 screens for Jyske Bank in Denmark back in 1996. Actually it showed up, that the technical side of it wasn’t the hardest part. It was content.”

He added “I searched the internet for content, but could not find anything relevant for DS. As a result I normally paid a company around GBP 100 for each second of handmade video content to my DS-solution. And back then I began wondering why everybody says that content is king and so few do something about making it easy and affordable to obtain it.”

Brian’s new venture should be opening its (online) doors next week – HD, royalty Free content and a lot of the footage filmed in greenscreen (so it will be easy to apply other backgrounds, text and products).

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