Anders Moberg Joins ZetaDisplay’s Board

Chris Sheldrake

ZetaDisplay AB (plc) told us earlier this week that Anders Moberg was voted on to the board at a recent AGM.

Anders Moberg is well experienced in major retail chains and is a board member of several companies. He was previously the Group CEO of Ikea, the head of international operations for Home Depots in the USA and Group CEO for the Dutch grocery Group Ahold, and the Majid Al Futtaim Group in Dubai.

Anders Moberg told us “I am very interested in how retail business can in various ways develop its interface with customers in stores. In this respect Digital Signage is a new and interesting channel undergoing strong growth”

Also announced was that on 1st July ZetaDisplay’s (current) MD Mats Johansson will hand over the post to the company’s deputy MD, Leif Liljebrunn – with his seat on the board, Mats Johansson will concentrate on the company’s long term growth and expansion outside Scandinavia, while Leif Liljebrunn as the MD will manage the day to day business.

Mats Johansson has been the MD for ZetaDisplay since its foundation in 2003 and is, together with the two other founders of the company, Martin Gullberg and Mikael Öberg, a principal owner of the company.

Mats Johansson said “We see great possibilities for ZetaDisplay, not just in Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia, but also wider afield in other countries. The knowledge and experience incumbent in Anders will be very valuable in our continued contacts with large and international retailing chains”

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