Panamint Planner

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Panamint Planner

The one thing we like about shows and conferences is taking a look at the little fellas, the folks who often have a hard time getting exposure, PR etc. amongst all the excitement generated by the Sony, Samsung, Broadsign and Scala’s of this world.

Over the last 6 months we have spent some time with these Disignage people in the Netherlands and seen their vision for a unique digital signage software solution, start being developed, literally in a back bedroom to finally be unveiled at a show!!!

Any entrepreneur will know how good a feeling that is!

Disignage developed Panamint Planner as they did not see any existing software that worked exactly the way they wanted. Basically, Panamint Planner starts off with the planning and distribution of visuals over the internet and more like a media planning tool (than signage software) it allows users to plan visuals by day, time, location, group or screen(s).

You can also plan different visuals per location or group of locations, group locations by attribute or simply tag them. User Generated Content is supported – it seems relatively easy to share visuals with other users for example,

Panamint Planner might not suit everyone but it’s well worth a look just to see sight of several of the innovations that have gone into its development. It’s certainly very Web 2.0.

We definitely liked the fact that it has been developed as a cross-browser, cross-OS system – basically any modern PC with an internet connection can run it.

Disignage will be exhibiting at Digital Signage Expo in Essen in May on stand 12B.10, close to the content area.

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