Sticky: The Bloody Apprentice

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The Bloody Apprentice deserves as much attention as a dead dog but unfortunately a lot of news media will be reporting it today as the final was broadcast Sunday evening.

article-1191426-053f0e00000005dc-855_468x647It seems also that the UK winner (picture shown to the left here) will be joining Amscreen – in particular the Amscreen Health division which is the remnants of (in administration) Electronic Health Media purchased by the group back in September 2007.

That business has variously been described as “selling digital signage to the NHS” (by the Daily Mail) and scarily “Plasma Screens into Surgeries on which to sell advertising” by none less than Sir Alan Sugar himself!

If you are fed up with the hype around Sir Alan and this stupid programme which purports to be representatve of how to do and conduct yourself in business and somehow be a beacon for entrepreneurship we suggest you spend 6 minutes of your time and watch this wonderful spoof video – trust us it will make your Monday morning!

Two or three (we have lost count and frankly don’t care) of the last years’ winners have joined Amscreen

13 Responses to “Sticky: The Bloody Apprentice”

  1. Zim Says:


    I agree the whole Apprentice thing might get to a few people in the industry, but it seems to me that there aren’t a lot of fans of Amscreen out there. Why is that?

    From what I understand they are a fantastic little set-up.

    Keen to know your thoughts.

  2. Commodore SixtyFour Says:

    Inexperienced people on high salaries giving away stuff they couldn’t sell because it was too ugly, what’s not to like !

  3. Zim Says:

    They must be doing something right with some good contract wins over the last few months, and the business expanding despite the global downturn?!

  4. Adrian J Cotterill Says:

    READ OUR POST MORE CAREFULLY – our issue is not with Amscreen but with the BBC reality series ‘The Apprentice’ and the way we feel it portrays business, business people and perhaps more troublesomely the way folks think you need to behave to get on in business.

    It bears little relation to any reality we know of or care to know of and puts many n entrepreneur in a bad light. The fact that folks who win it end up at Amscreen actually says a lot about where Sir Alan Sugar’s ambition may lie

  5. ZX81 Says:

    Don’t miss the point that this winner looks much better having won – that dress and makeover did a lot for her.

  6. Commodore SixtyFour Says:

    Free wins every time and in any case it’s more of a bye if all of the competition decides to swerve it !

  7. Esteban Cambiasso Says:

    Why such sour grapes! Take a chill pill… it is just entertainment!!!

    Maybe not your cup of tea (nor is it my favourite) but entertainment none-the-less….switch channel and do not give it the publicity.

    Actually, this show is not about seeking entrepreneurs… it is about seeking an “apprentice” ie someone to train up, to develop or aka an expensive slave. Dragon’s Den is the show for entrepreneurs.

    And another point: Amscreen seem to be doing alright as your blog mentioned very nicely when they closed the BP contract ahead of Cisco… where were all other digital signage company salesmen when that happened???

  8. Commodore SixtyFour Says:

    Estban You asked “where were all other digital signage company salesmen when that happened???”

    Running in the other direction !

  9. Zim Says:

    I think Commodore must have been one of the salesman that didn’t get the gig with BP – all 3 comments posted on this topic have demonstrated he does have sour grapes with Amscreen. Amscreen will continue to win good contracts…you might need to get used to it.

  10. Vic Twenty Says:

    A lot of people chose not to get the gig once they looked at the requirements.

  11. wonders why Says:

    Zim, prehaps Commodore didn’t win the buisness because he was to busy writing “witty” replies!?!

  12. grahamg Says:

    Amscreen is a brilliant set up, they are doing some fantastic work in the UK.

  13. Zim Says:

    wonders why – you got it spot on! I second what Graham has just said, Amscreen are a great set up and I expect many more big wins this year.

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