LevelVision Enrolls Into rVue

Chris Sheldrake

Digital outdoor and LCD technology innovator LevelVision LLC has recently enrolled its digital signage network in college bookstores into rVue, Argo Digital Solutions, Inc.’s addressable advertising exchange for digital out-of-home.

LevelVision College is in almost 300 college bookstores in 234 cities across 44 states and makes use of BroadSign Open. The company’s initial attraction to Argo’s rVue exchange we are told “was the quality of its technology” and its automated “pay-per-click” approach to digital out-of-home, reminiscent of Google and eBay’s models for the Internet.

Bob Martin, President and CEO of LevelVision LLC, (formerly an award-winning media director at Universal McCann of course) told us “The decision to integrate BroadSign Open and rVue into our venue-based ad network was an easy one. LevelVision specializes in inventing innovative media technology solutions. Through rVue, our unique and impactful digital floor screens will be accessible to a wider range of ad agencies looking to reach college students – when they’re on-campus and at-retail. It is a powerful solution that helps monetize networks with an easy to use, web-based user interface,”

Last month, Argo launched an enhanced, next generation version of rVue, which connects digital out-of-home networks with a growing list of advertising agencies and media planners looking to reach targeted consumers while they are on the go and near the time of purchase. rVue’s automated approach has reduced the average time it takes to create a media plan in DOOH and allows advertisers and outlets to control the process.

Jason Kates, CEO of Argo Digital Solutions told us “LevelVision’s floor-based video screens, as seen in the LevelVision™ College bookstore network, deliver an unavoidable and attractive advertising impression – truly an innovative and engaging way to reach 18-24 year old college students. Their locations are high-quality, high-traffic and highly desirable to advertising agencies targeting this often difficult to reach demographic,”

About Argo

Argo Digital Solutions, Inc. is the leading digital media and technology company that provides innovative solutions that moves the analog to digital. Through rVue, Argo’s addressable advertising exchange with an Internet based, ‘pay-per-click’ approach, high-traffic venues can access HD video content, create play lists, dramatically enhance the shopping experience and monetize their network. Advertising agencies can reach their target audience at or near the time of purchase. The technology is platform-agnostic and can work independently or layer on most current industry applications. From its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Argo has served the nation’s most respected and recognizable brands including AutoNation, Blockbuster and Subway with innovative technology solutions that drive ROI. Learn more at Argo and rVue’s websites.

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