Ayuda Wins 5 Year USD 2.9M DMP Contract w/ @MTA

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We understand that the full MTA Board will vote on the awarding of this contract on Wednesday but we see that the MTA Finance Committee has already voted to award a five-year, USD 2.9 million dollar DMP contract to Ayuda Media Systems.

The bidirectional data management platform (DMP) will serve as a repository for data relating to the recently awarded advertising concessions, including data pertaining to agency messaging as well as advertising sales. Committee meeting minutes said “Ayuda offered the lowest cost option proposed and scored higher than the other qualified proposal on technical criteria. It’s proprietary software platforms offers a variety of functions including asset management rate cars management and emergency messaging.”

We understand that the DMP will house data relating to pedestrian traffic within MTA stations and rail cars as well as data relating to advertising inventory, sales and revenues and serve as a platform for agency messaging, including real time arrival/departure information and service status information.

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