BroadSign Did Not Buy Navori

Chris Sheldrake

We were the first to tell you this back in July 2008 when we discovered (quite accidentally as it happens) that BroadSign had (perhaps inadvertently) misled folks earlier in 2008 when they issued a press release stating that they had acquired Swiss firm Navori SA when in fact the transaction never took place.

We wonder why Navori have NOW decided, almost 18 months later, to issue a press release decrying the original announcement, as below…

(I-Newswire) – The following statement is in response to a press release initially published in February 2008 by REUTERS which since, has been picked up and distributed by hundreds of web sites. The REUTERS press release stated that BroadSign “has entered into an agreement to acquire privately held Navori International S.A. ( Navori ).”

1. The agreement for BroadSign to acquire Navori never materialized.
2. The two corporations did not enter into any commercial, technological or financial partnership at any point in time.
3. BroadSign and other financial partners contacted Navori at the end of 2007 in order to accelerate Navori’s commercial development, which has remained consistently around 60% since 2003. However, Navori’s board of directors selected another partner in May 2008.
4. Navori did not broadcast this information publicly since we consider this to be a private matter.

We usually disclose this type of corporate information to our customers. Since many digital signage professionals rely on the Internet as a main source of information, we felt the need to set the record straight and dispel any rumors once and for all.


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Published on:2009-06-12

Answers anyone?

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