Captivate / Dstillery Data-Driven Targeting Partnership

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Captivate, North America’s leading location-based digital video network, has formed a strategic partnership with Dstillery, an industry-leader in predictive marketing intelligence, to deepen Captivate’s audience targeting and measurement capabilities.

The idea is to leverages mobile location data, website browsing behavior and all forms of first-party data, including CRM, to identify what audiences are present in Captivate buildings, as well as measure incremental website traffic driven by exposure to Captivate campaigns.

Neil Shapiro, Vice President of Digital Sales at Captivate told us “Location data is now table stakes in the digital-out-of-home world but our partnership with Dstillery takes this capability to a new, deeper level. By utilizing this scale of targeting, we can now find hard-to-reach audiences that can’t be identified based on location data alone. We’re excited about using data-driven targeting to identify hard-to-reach B2B consumers, amplify B2C objectives and provide measurable results for our clients”

As the workday gets longer, professionals are improving their work-life balance by completing personal and professional tasks at the office and across multiple devices. This alliance provides Captivate’s advertising partners with the ability to target campaigns based on the activity that’s being conducted at work and within the Captivate Class A buildings that have the highest concentration of an ideal audience.

Evan Hills, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Dstillery said “Marketers have seemingly unlimited media choices for reaching consumers today, making it incredibly important that they target their messages as precisely as possible. Out-of-home is a powerful traditional channel made all the more impactful in the digital age, thanks to the availability of targeting signals. We’re thrilled to work with one of the leaders in digital-out-of-home to make our data available for both targeting and measurement.”

For Captivate’s brand and agency partners, we are told that this partnership presents an opportunity to learn and grow from campaigns.

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