EnQii Wins 10 Major New Accounts

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

EnQii’s June newsletter published this week lists 10 major new accounts that it has won in the first 6 months of 2009…

  1. McDonald’s has completed their trial and is expanding the digital signage network in their restaurants in the UK to enhance the in-store experience and raise sales through digital merchandising. Initial results have shown a positive uplift for their sales and impressive ROI.
  2. Care Media is one of the largest healthcare operators in the US with screens in pediatric and women’s health centers. They are following an advertising model as pharmaceutical companies are finding DOOH an effective way to reach their customers.
  3. EWI Worldwide, one of the leading US designers and manufacturers of in-store merchandising and retail environments, has selected EnQii as their digital signage solution partner. EWI Worldwide’s Digital Media Solution is being deployed in major retailers, financial services and other shopping venues.
  4. AMF Bowling is a leisure operator in the UK and chose EnQii to develop their digital merchandising strategy and provide screens in their bowling alleys to promote merchandise products available for their clientele.
  5. DC Lottery is a major lottery operator in Washington DC and selected EnQii to deliver digital signage to promote their lottery products.
  6. Sports Display is a company that runs activity and information centers in sports and retail locations in the US. They chose EnQii to launch advertising based screen products.
  7. Health Media Network has screens in hospitals in the US and is using EnQii to deliver an advertising based network.
  8. Prime Digital Media is Australia’s number one digital out–of–home media company and has joined forces in a comprehensive partnership with EnQii designed to employ EnQii’s EnGage technology across its DOOH media networks.
  9. Village Roadshow is Australia’s largest operator of cinemas and theme parks and chose EnQii for advertising and merchandising screens in their cinemas.
  10. Gloss Media has appointed EnQii to roll out their digital signage network in beauty salons, initially across the New York area.

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