#OOH2019 Offers Education Series on Programmatic Buying

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

A series of programmatic education offerings will be presented at the 2019 OAAA\Geopath OOH Media Conference + Expo to be held May 20-22 at the Aria Las Vegas.

One mainstage panel and two instruction workshops will focus on recognizing the opportunities and challenges of programmatic commerce in the out of home advertising industry.

OAAA Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Freitas told us “A driving force of change in today’s media marketplace is programmatic buying and selling, a game-changing technology that has reinvented the way media is transacted. Bolstered by bold innovation, the OOH industry is gaining traction as a programmatic-enabled channel that can compete effectively against online search, social, video, and display advertising.”

One Mainstage Panel, Two Workshops:

  • Programmatic Platforms: Integrating OOH Into Omnichannel Campaigns. Featured on the mainstage, a panel of programmatic experts with experience in omnichannel planning will explain the complexities of planning across media and why it is absolutely imperative for the entire OOH industry to adopt programmatic buying and selling as a core business function.
  • Fingertips to Keyboard: Programmatic OOH Debate. This workshop will explain current trends in programmatic transactions as panelists engage in a lively debate about standards and protocols defining the OOH programmatic ecosystem.
  • Programmatic OOH Success Cases. In this workshop, Intersection CEO Ari Buchalter will moderate a panel of advertisers and agency executives, who will share stories about successful OOH campaigns bought programmatically.

All programmatic content will be held Tuesday, May 21. A full schedule of programmatic education with panelists and presenters is available for download. Workshops and panelists are subject to change.

Further information and registration for the conference are available here.

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