Beeyond Media Teams Up w/ @PlaceExchange

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Beeyond Media has announced that it has joined forces with Place Exchange.

The integration will extend Beeyond Media’s extensive DOOH inventory, which spans over 17 countries, even further by adding hundreds of thousands of premium screens across the United States, Canada and Latin America. While strengthening Place Exchange’s position as a trusted and reliable programmatic partner for DOOH buyers, the partnership will allow Beeyond to expand its customized solutions and offerings tailored to the objectives of each client across a broad range of locations.

“As the digital out of home industry continues to grow, we need to get more creative in the ways we reach audiences and it shows in the huge increase in demand we are seeing from brands”, said Alejandro Donzis, CEO of Beeyond Media. “We’re excited to partner with Place Exchange to be able to add another dimension to our offerings and further the opportunities for brands to think out of the box on their next campaign”.

Beeyond Media’s unique and innovative platform offers a number of expert services, including strategy, media planning and execution, to orchestrate impactful advertising campaigns on electronic billboards and various other digital displays. As a market leader, Beeyond Media excels in delivering high-quality Out of Home advertising across a wide range of digital screens for maximum advertising impact.

Forecasted to reach $58.67 billion globally by 2030, it is no secret that the DOOH market continues to be one of the fastest growing channels in the advertising industry. Many advertisers are seeing DOOH as a powerful channel for reaching new audiences, specifically Gen Z. A recent study proved that Gen Z prefers OOH ads over all other ad formats, with 55% of Gen Zers having a positive view of OOH ads. By marrying data with innovative creative approaches, the partnership between Beeyond and Place Exchange will give global advertisers a broad range of opportunities to deliver targeted advertising campaigns on electronic billboards and various other digital displays globally across highways, elevators, malls, airports, trains, taxis, heavily trafficked streets and more.

“This partnership introduces Place Exchange’s premium inventory and market-leading technology to a new universe of buyers in both the US and international markets including Canada and Latin America”, said Ari Buchalter, CEO of Place Exchange. “Beeyond is bringing exciting new innovations to DOOH and we are thrilled to work together in opening up new possibilities for buyers and more revenue for sellers”.

Beeyond Media was founded in 2019 by CEO Alejandro Donzis in an effort to bring transparency, efficiency and innovation to the classic advertising channel. After consolidating operations throughout Latin America, the DOOH company expanded into the U.S. and Canada in 2022 where they saw large opportunities for growth. This year, DOOH is projected to grow, capturing 37.2% of all OOH revenue. With access to over 600,000 devices throughout the Americas, Beeyond Media continues to usher DOOH advertising into the future and help brands like Chanel, L’oreal, American Express, and Heineken inspire people wherever they go.

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