Symon Launches InView Mobile

Chris Sheldrake

Normally quite quiet Symon Communications, Inc. (who describe themselves like many others do, as “a leading global provider of award-winning in-venue visual communications solutions” yesterday announced the availability of its InView Mobile iPhone application.

Described by Symon, perhaps a little unrealistically, as revolutionary the application when launched, determines a user’s location – errr, not hard, Ed and then retrieves and plays interactive, multi-media content specific at that location and if no content is assigned to that location, a general message is delivered.

Charles Ansley, Symon’s CEO and President said in the press release “InView Mobile marks a major new milestone in visual communications. With InView Mobile, Symon can create an unprecedented visual communications experience that goes far beyond traditional digital signage, way-finding and kiosks,”

In our opinion this is a nice feature BUT it’s hardly revolutionary and something very easy to replicate. We now expect a flood of emails from folks who will tell us they have had similar functionality for some time.

InView Mobile is a free application available on the Apple iTunes App Store Lifestyle genre. InView Mobile can be launched from anywhere the InView Mobile logo is present and receive interactive information specific to that location.

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