Experian And @Adsquarecom Announce Data Partnership

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Adsquare, the real-time data exchange, and Experian, a global provider of information services, have announced a European wide data partnership.

Digital marketers are now able to make use of Experian data for more effective OOH planning and programmatic media buying in Italy, Spain, France and Germany.

The Experian socio-demographic datasets are now incorporated in their Audience Management Platform (AMP). The Adsquare AMP is a self-service platform bringing together data providers and advertisers in a secure and transparent way. The platform is integrated with all leading media buying platforms, e.g. DV360, The Trade Desk, MediaMath, Adform, Tabmo/Hawk, S4M.

Giuseppe Mauro Scarpati, Digital Account Director at Experian said “We are very pleased to start this partnership with Adsquare, which will allow us to strengthen our offer, to ensure more accurate information on users’ behavior, to support the digital activities of our customers with increasingly effective tools. This agreement reinforces our commitment to help businesses become more effective and transparent in the way they leverage data, while keeping control of these data in the hands of the consumers”

Experian data is especially known for its MOSAIC data. This consumer segmentation can help advertisers to target, acquire, manage and develop profitable relationships and improve business results, better understand consumer behaviour, analyse the demographic characteristics of local areas, identify market potential for products and services, understand the performance of site locations, and target communications more effectively.
Experian’s offline data is available as part of Adsquare’s Real-Time Proximity Targeting and Audience Targeting. Proximity Targeting is based on spatial data describing the context of your geographical area of choice. Once activated via Adsquare’s pre-bid integrated DSPs, users can be reached based on their location in the moment of ad impression. Audience Targeting is based on audience data connected to Mobile Advertising IDs to reach users anytime, independently of their location in the moment of ad impression.

Maria Botelho, Global Director Data Partnerships at Adsquare told us “Users are more and more engaged in-app and therefore it is key to make Experian data available for programmatic advertising. Targeting users in online channels based on their socio-demographic characteristics will help advertisers to increase their ROI and avoid waste of ad spend”.

To link Experian’s offline spatial data to Mobile Advertising IDs, Experian relied on Adsquare’s location data graph. Adsquare helps data owners to connect offline data to Mobile Advertising IDs using location as a proxy. The Adsquare algorithm analyzes mobile movement data sourced from third party suppliers and identifies users’ home and work locations. The underlying movement data consists of consented background location data derived from mobile applications that have installed a respective Software Development Kit (SDK) allowing for this use case under European’s strict privacy regulations.

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