Why Digital Signage By VISCOM

Chris Sheldrake

Reed Exhibitions is making much, much more of ‘digital signage’ at its VISCOM events around Europe at the moment. It’s a shame that they (the events) tend to be very in-country geographically focused and there is a nagging doubt that they are playing a bit with ‘digital signage’ but as we have written before we have enjoyed VISCOM Paris a great deal in the past.

Our event calendar now lists VISCOM events in Paris, Düsseldorf, Spain (Madrid) and Italy (Milan)

VISCOM Spain just wrote to us, in some collaboration with Cleverdis and asked “Why Digital Signage By VISCOM?” and then proceeded to say…

  • Because in the world of visual communication and direct marketing, the transition from physical media to electronic media is now a reality for signs and signage. It is the present and the future.
  • Because the two systems coexist and complement each other. They have the same aim and a common denominator: to transmit and sell the brand at the point-of-sale and through outdoor media.
  • Because the synergies offered by the show in the form of a large number of buyers and potential buyers of digital signage (supermarkets, shopping centres, banks, franchises, etc., 12,337 visitors in total) make Viscom the best platform for digital signs and signage. A springboard which is poised and ready to take off.

Viscom Sign is in Madrid 22nd to 24th October.

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  1. Petra Lassahn Says:

    Dear Mr. Sheldrake,

    We have read your post from August 5th at http://www.dailydooh.com about digital signage by viscom and were a little surprised. viscom does everything but “play” with digital signage.

    Already in 2007 viscom düsseldorf/frankfurt put digital signage in focus as a new core segment. Since then the Digital Signage World has been expanded as a new brand identity under the viscom umbrella brand. The Digital Signage World includes the trade fair itself, seminars held during the fair as well as a series of seminars held throughout the year and the Digital Signage Best Practice Award. At present, this award is the biggest throughout the European market with about 30 applications from five countries. Also the new viscom tec.09 conference on September 30th focuses on digital signage by showing where advertising communication is heading and what will be “state of the art“ in the years to come.

    This shows how serious viscom takes the field of digital signage.

    Internationality is important to us, especially at viscom düsseldorf the international participation rate is at consistent 25 percent. Nevertheless, “viscom”-fairs exist since more than 20 years – in Paris, Madrid, Milan, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. They now only operate under the same, noticeable brand. Furthermore, digital signage currently proves to be a rather „local“ business and so it really makes sense to have different trade fairs for different regions.

    We hope to have dissipated your doubts about viscom’s seriousness about the topic digital signage.

    Yours sincerely,
    Petra Lassahn
    (Director viscom düsseldorf/frankfurt)

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