Digital To Sell Well This Q4 In UK Malls

Chris Sheldrake

Following on from last week when we told you ‘VMG Administrator Axes All Staff‘ we have learnt a little more about the administration process.

First off it seems that VMG have been telling Clear Channel that they have extracted the ‘digital 6 sheet’ product from within the VMG business both the hardware and the media contracts – that should be interesting as it is not what we have heard.

If that were true it would mean therefore that Clear Channel would still be able to sell the advertising – although we would expect the Malls themselves, who have been terribly patient throughout, to have a say and probably yell “enough is enough” and move their business elsewhere.

No doubt the VMG execs will desperately try to salvage as much as they can from this debacle – the creditors and the private investors are the folks who will lose out as always.

In our last post we mentioned what we figured ASG Media would be doing and word does indeed reach us that they have been to see both Titan and Clear Channel to discuss sales of their own digital 6-sheet offering.

What we think should happen is that Titan should sit down with Clear Channel and agree who does paper and who does digital within the top 20 to 30 malls.

The paper products are after all complimentary to the digital. If they’re smart BOTH parties will get themselves in good order for Q4 this year when demand for media in malls is at its highest and the digital will sell very well (and that’s according to both the leading OOH specialists in the UK).

2 Responses to “Digital To Sell Well This Q4 In UK Malls”

  1. Van Gogh Says:

    So, what have you heard?

  2. dominic brookman Says:

    These are the facts:

    VMG Global Ltd has acquired the business & contracts that were in the PLC
    VMG Global Ltd has employed the majority of staff that were in the PLC
    VMG has secured further new mall contracts during this period
    VMG Global is debt free & has secured fresh capital
    VMG Global has signed a new 10 year contract with Clear Channel UK
    VMG Global has signed a new agreement with BF Group
    VMG Global has a different Board to the PLC


    Dominic Brookman

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