Avanti’s New Interactive Digital 6-Sheet Pods

Chris Sheldrake

These new interactive digital 6-Sheet Pods from Avanti Screenmedia are interesting on a number of levels. First, as far as we know they are the first interactive digital 6-sheets deployed by Avanti in a mall, second they run BroadSign and thirdly they are built by UK enclosure specialist Esprit Digital.

avanti pods

A further four pods are due to be installed at the Gloucester Quays (Peel Holdings newest retail centre) later this month but at the moment the two we have seen look really good.

Jon Levenson, Managing Director of Peel Advertising Ltd, part of the Peel Group of companies and owner of Gloucester Quays told us “The pods a core part of our commercial proposition and integral to enhancing the Gloucester Quays shopper experience”.

The Pods (2000mm x 800mm x 250mm) seem to be much slimmer in design than other products in the market and comprise 2 x 57” HD plasma screens with one panel dedicated to advertising and the other acting as an interactive mall guide.

We like. It’s about time Avanti brought advertising down to eye level and gave the media buyers a true 6-sheet offering. They should be able to sell the hell out of these.

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  1. Mat Says:

    This get’s even more interesting …..

    The interactive side of the unit was developed by Working Solutions and uses Acquire software and not Broadsign.

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