Spit n’ Polish Shoeshine Concession

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

shoeshine boothWe loved the spit n’ polish shoeshine concession on Wednesday evening’s BBC Dragons Den TV programme.

The shoeshine booth (shown to the right here) has a place for newspapers (in a neat rack to the left of the person having their shoes shined, a mobile phone charger and a neat LCD screen!!!

Ronan McCarthy pitched to the dragons; 7 customers an hour, 5 minutes for each customer which we thought doesn’t give customers much time to (a) charge their mobile phone or (b) read a newspaper but it’s not a bad amount of time to be a ‘captive audience’ to the screen.

Cool concept (and the booth design we liked a lot) but the revenue figures Ronan was talking about didn’t make much sense to the panel.


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  1. David Street Says:

    I met with Ronan and had a look at the booth when he was looking at screens and how to control them. In fairness to him the booth looked great and was very well made but I didn’t get the business model at all. He was talking about the booths being a stealth way of selling the ad space but had no concept that high footfall areas already had the ad sales contracts sewn up.

    I personally cant see the rent for a space that big being all that cheap and lets face it a bloke with a box to sit on is all you need for a quick shoeshine.

    So I am out

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