I Want My Money Back

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Vision Media Group International is still warm in its grave but we see that it didn’t take long for VMG Global to get a new web site up and running…


Nothing on there yet about what Malls they (think) they have but the statement of intent is there for all to see…

Welcome to VMG Global, the leaders in cutting-edge digital solutions for retail space commercialisation. From the US, across Europe to the developing world VMG owns exclusive digital media rights in mass footfall destinations. In addition to bringing out-of-home advertising to life, we design, develop and commercialise unique software applications, integrating applied technologies.

In the United Kingdom, the company is represented by Vision Media Group (UK) Ltd, where our iconic ‘InfoPod’ is setting the pace for the digital advertising industry on the malls of the leading shopping centres, hand in glove with state-of-the-art touchscreen applications.

Whilst this site is in development please call us on this number:

020 7851 7080

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