Intermx Data Enablement Rebrands as Motionworks

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Intermx Data Enablement, North America’s premier population intelligence company, announced today that all three of its companies, Intermx, Transport Foundry, and Standard Data, will be unified under a new brand name, Motionworks.

‘Utilizing the location data from Standard Data and modelling expertise from Transport Foundry, Intermx fueled the currency for the out-of-home advertising industry across North America. Transport Foundry served government planners and transportation agencies to guide effective decision-making and efficient city infrastructure funding to achieve social equity in service delivery.

Ryan Kinskey, Motionworks co-founder told us “I am incredibly proud of the value we have provided our clients to date. Unification under a single, powerful brand will energize our entire team to increase our dominance in the marketplace. We have worked diligently to expand our product portfolio to meet the needs of our existing clients and future partners,” said Matthew Martimo, Motionworks co-founder. “These products will be revealed over the coming months, and I am enthusiastic about having a formidable brand name like ‘Motionworks’ to launch our ground-breaking portfolio.”

This new brand, Motionworks, will unite the value of these three successful businesses under one name, displaying the tagline ‘Insights in Motion’.

Over the last year, all three companies seem to have experienced strong growth. They have made significant investments in expertise, multiplied their client portfolios, and escalated expansion into new geographies and verticals. The Motionworks brand strengthens the company’s position as a leader in the mobility space. Its shared vision of translating location science into population intelligence empowers the company to continue its expansion and elevate value for its employees and clients.

Motionworks will unveil its rebrand at the Geopath/OAAA Out-of-Home Conference and Expo in Marco Island, Florida. Their new website can be found here.

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