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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Pearl Media, one of the largest Eye Level OOH media companies in the US, is lending its creativity to brands through its Eye Level Out of Home medium, not just as a great branding opportunity but as a platform to engage consumers in unique experiences.

These high-profile, street-level billboards are placed in the direct line of sight of consumers throughout high traffic neighborhoods on the busiest street corners. Most recently, Pearl worked with DraftKings and DKNY to develop experiential opportunities on various Eye Level Billboards, leveraging some of the biggest events in and around New York City.

  • DraftKings ‘Love Love’. During the US Tennis Open, DraftKings, in partnership with Vaynermedia created an Eye Level Billboard that replicated the iconic tennis ball fabric to promote the launch of Love Love, a limited-edition fragrance that users can win by placing a bet on the US Open through DraftKings Sportsbook. Brand Ambassadors stationed in front of the sign engaged with pedestrians, sharing the fragrance and details on the promotion
  • DKNY ‘I Feel’ Mirror. To support their efforts around New York Fashion Week, DKNY outfitted an Eye Level Billboard with a large format mirror for the #IfeelDKNY campaign promoting self-affirmations. Countless consumers posed in front of the mirrored billboard taking selfies and sharing to social media

Eye Level Billboards provide brands the ability to interrupt consumers and lift their heads out of their phones. “Brands are consistently finding new and interesting ways to utilize Eye Level OOH Media and these are two great examples. Both were not only unique installations, but also exhibited great relevance to something major happening in the City”, says Anthony Petrillo, Chief Revenue Officer at Pearl Media.

With a portfolio of over 150 Eye Level Billboards, Pearl has been a leader in creating unique media and experiences at the street level.

Pearl Media develops, manages and sells unique marketing, digital and static out of home media opportunities.

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