Tommy Hilfiger In The Now Arcade

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The Now Arcade is an immersive LED tunnel within the Outernet, London’s new attraction that combines advertising, entertainment and cultural heritage into one single district.

The tunnel itself consists of 21-metre corridor, with 8K digital screens spanning two-storeys as well as the ceiling. The effect means that the outdoor site fully surrounds pedestrians as they make their way into the Outernet district from Denmark Street. The space is designed and optimised for walkthrough experiences and exhibitions, lending itself well to TOMMY HILFIGER’s intention to bring the runway to the public. To do so, the activation will fully immerse pedestrians into a recreation of Andy Warhol’s studios in the 1980s New York, with snapshots and highlights of the actual Tommy Factory fashion show, as presented at New York Fashion Week earlier in September.

Ben Milne, Global Head of Out of Home, Media, dentsu international, said: “The Outernet truly has one of the most unique immersive DOOH experiences available right now and for a brand such as TOMMY HILFIGER to take advantage of this shows that they are forward thinking and one of the forerunners of Fashion brands in the world of OOH.”

Tommy Hilfiger understands that audiences are looking for experiences, and it is those experiences that will help drive memorability. Such immersive experiences are one of the many ways that TOMMY HILFIGER has leveraged outdoor to stand out amongst their competitors in the fashion industry. Not only is TOMMY HILFIGER showcasing their Fall ’22 collection but they are disrupting the convention and expectations of the outdoor channel by allowing audiences to step through a portal and into the outdoor placement itself.

The Fall ’22 collection features the debut of a new monogram for TOMMY HILFIGER, in the form of an interlocking T and H, and is a call back to the brand’s heritage and a love letter to New York and Andy Warhol. In a similar vein, the Now Arcade acts as a link between the cultural heritage and inherent musicality of Denmark Street and the burgeoning icon that is the Outernet. Thematically, both TOMMY HILFIGER and the Outernet pay homage and respect to pop culture, making the pairing a good fit, both in utility and in sentiment.

The Now Arcade activation will be live until October 23, 2022.

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