We Chat w/ @KnittingMedia #AdTECH: #OOH – Europe

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We used the days either side of US Thanksgiving to catch up with a number of our Amsterdam speakers to see what they have in store at the #AdTECH: #OOH – Europe Conference which takes place next week on Thursday December 1, 2022.

Here’s Knitting Media Founder and purl Co-Founder Tim Harvey who will give the audience an update on RTB/Open Direct and specifically will reference an IAB Techlab update / announcement due early next week.

Other speakers include Sage & Archer, a Vistar Media Company’s Diederick Ubels, revolt’s Jeroen van de Ven, Masters of Digital’s Marvin Vacquier Droop, The Neuron’s Dima Nammari, First Impression audiovisual B.V.’s Helge Hoven, MyAdbooker’s Sebastian Op Het Veld, Displayce’s Marie Gaestel, Displayce’s Hayssam Soueidan and Resono’s Remco Bron.

Registration is available here.

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