.advancedMethod Answers Rumours

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Well, we wondered what was happening at Seattle-based .advancedMethod after some disturbing rumours.

“We’re definitely still here, but we are refocusing,” says Robert Grawet, general manager. “For one thing, we sent notes last week to our distributors and dealers, telling that we would no longer be working with them, but would from now on sell our products directly to clients. So, for example, users can buy Express and Express Lite directly from us.

“And we’ll be deemphasizing what has recently been our prime focus to start focusing on a couple of new clients – whom we’ll identify in about a month.

“Most of our revenue since we were founded in 2002 has come from creative and from Engage, an online video marketing tool that allows quick loading and an enhanced way to show video on Web sites that can be personalized and shared. We’ll be concentrating on creative, Engage, and focusing on the needs of these new clients.”

Grawet says that the company will also still be involved in digital signage, but admits that there has been a reduction in staff.

However, when we talked to Grawet, his immediate concern was sorting out a phone system that had been on the fritz since last Friday – a fact that was confirmed earlier Tuesday by Jennifer Jantzen, .advancedMethod’s director of marketing.

“This morning, it has been brought to our attention that our 877 number is not working,” she said via e-mail. “It took us a while to discover the source of the phone issue because we are getting calls/messages, but realized they were coming in only on our direct lines and main number.”

But when phones don’t work, dealers get notice, and there’s no place for some staff, it’s understandable that rumours abound.

“Rumours saying that we’re closed are libelous,” says Grawet. “Rumours like that have repercissions. We are not closed. We are refocusing.”

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