JCDecaux on Gen Z: The IRL Opportunity

Tristan Cotterill

JCDecaux Australia has released a foresight report written in collaboration with global strategic futures consultancy The Future Laboratory, into how to connect with the increasingly important Gen Z consumer.

With Gen Z making up 20 per cent of Australia’s population, and 30 per cent of the world’s, the Gen Z: IRL Opportunity foresight report provides important insights for brands and marketers trying to capture their attention and stay relevant. JCDecaux highlights how Out-of-Home advertising can be shaped to drive engagement and brand advocacy among this group.

Essie Wake, Chief Marketing Officer at JCDecaux told us “What’s become apparent is Gen Z customers are sophisticated, discriminating and continuously pushing businesses to take action and provide genuine social change. Growing up online, they recognise the confines of digital participation and are now seeking a step change as they pursue and embrace real-world encounters.”

As part of the investigation, JCDecaux surveyed over 1,000 Australian Gen Zs, finding that:

  • 64% Gen Zs agree brands should use more Out-of-Home advertising to engage them;
  • 85% Gen Zs have acted after engaging with Out-of-Home advertising.

Martin Raymond, Co-Founder, The Future Laboratory was quoted as saying “It has never been more crucial for marketers to consider where and how to target Gen Z. In a world of digital noise, Out-of-Home is emerging as a uniquely valuable Gen Z touchpoint. Advertisers are now tasked with adopting new ways to meet Gen Z’s priorities, match their values and attract their attention.”

The report outlines five key themes at the centre of the Out-of-Home opportunity: Viewtility; Egoless marketing; Paradox personas; Hyperphysical hotspots; Multisensory media.

Max Eburne, Chief Commercial Officer at JCDecaux said: “The evolution of Out-of-Home advertising has established it is an important channel to reach this critical cohort. Gen Z simply don’t see Out-of-Home as an intrusion. The flexibility, ubiquity, seamlessness, and even environmental footprint of its solutions open a whole new universe of possibilities for brands and audiences alike.”

Read and download the full report here.

Generation Z is defined as anyone born between 1997-2012, they are pre-teen to mid-20s representing 20 percent of Australia’s population and two billion of the global population. 51 percent of Australia’s First Nations people are under the age of 25.

This report was commissioned by JCDecaux Australia and written by one of the world’s most renowned strategic foresight consultancies The Future Laboratory.

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