Valuewise Services Delhi Chooses Edge1

Tristan Cotterill

Edge1 has been selected by Valuewise Services, a leading outdoor advertising media owner in Delhi.

Valuewise Services has emerged as a prominent player in Delhi’s outdoor advertising industry, boasting a strong network of prominent DMRC media locations.

With a commitment to delivering diverse advertising solutions to both local and national clients, Valuewise Services recognized the importance of a robust software solution to elevate its business processes.

After meticulous evaluation, Valuewise Services chose Edge1 OOH Software as the perfect partner to drive its outdoor advertising business forward. Edge1 offers an array of advanced features, an intuitive interface, and a comprehensive suite of tools that empower Valuewise Services to optimize resource allocation, streamline operations, and achieve unparalleled efficiency.

Valuewise Services plans to transform its outdoor advertising business through digitization and automation of key processes such as campaign planning, inventory management, billing, and reporting. This digital transformation will not only enhance operational efficiency but also enable Valuewise Services to deliver a seamless and exceptional experience to its clients.

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