Screenverse @PlaceExchange PerView Measurement

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Screenverse has selected Place Exchange’s PerView solution as a measurement standard across its managed DOOH networks.

PerView developed in accordance with the OAAA OOH Impression Measurement Guidelines, will enable Screenverse to deliver accurate and dynamic reach, frequency, and impression measurement for its network partners.

Out-of-home media encompasses a diverse range of venues and asset types, making it historically challenging to obtain reliable measures of reach, frequency, and impressions for a custom mix of OOH assets. It is hoped that Place Exchange’s PerView solution will help transform the industry by offering buyers and sellers the ability to measure every type of OOH media asset using dynamic, deterministic data to deliver up-to-date measurement insights specific to each location.

With PerView, Screenverse receives comprehensive impression, reach, and frequency measurement across their different DOOH networks, which can be broken out by different geographies, consumer segments, and timeframes. By leveraging PerView, Screenverse is able to provide its clients with actionable data to optimize their DOOH campaigns and achieve superior results.

“We built Screenverse from the earliest days of the COVID pandemic. Through that experience, we learned the necessity of dynamic measurement data that reflects the realities on the ground. As we think about the future, progress in these data-sets will be the rocket-fuel we need to explore the far reaches of our potential,” said Adam Malone, President and Cofounder at Screenverse.

Screenverse is so committed to the importance of measurement, that its Master Service Agreements (MSAs) require all partners to undergo third-party measurement within the first six months of the agreement. Place Exchange’s PerView solution has earned Screenverse’s endorsement as a trusted and reliable tool for measurement in this process.

Screenverse’s decision to adopt PerView as a measurement solution stems from its unmatched capabilities and commitment to industry excellence. As the digital marketing industry faces the impending challenges of the phasing out of third-party cookies, Screenverse recognizes the critical role that reliable measurement plays in delivering value to advertisers and navigating the evolving advertising landscape.

“We built the PerView product to address the marketplace’s need for dynamic, up-to-date measurements of reach, frequency, and impressions across the wide range of formats and venue types that comprise Out of Home,” said Ari Buchalter, CEO of Place Exchange. “We are excited to see innovative partners like Screenverse adopting PerView to help propel their business forward.”

The adoption of the PerView measurement solution by Screenverse marks a significant milestone, solidifying the company’s dedication to delivering reliable and comprehensive measurement solutions to its clients. By utilizing PerView, Screenverse aims to elevate the industry’s measurement capabilities, empower advertisers, and maximize the impact of DOOH campaigns.

PerView is a measurement solution for Out of Home media, delivering dynamic, up-to-date reach, frequency, and impression measurement across all OOH venues and formats. PerView offers both buyers and sellers the ability to perform measurement for any custom mix of OOH assets, such as an advertiser’s campaign or a media owner’s network, with the ability to analyze results for different consumer segments, geographies, and timeframes. The solution applies to both static and digital OOH media, regardless of whether they transact on a direct or programmatic basis. PerView was developed in line with the OAAA OOH Impression Measurement Guidelines

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