Sky’s Latest #3DOOH Campaign

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Global, the Media & Entertainment Group, is offering UK advertisers access to its large format roadside screens to showcase 3D anamorphic designs.

Sky’s latest campaign promotes its new dishless TV product and package, Sky Stream, the new simple way to get Sky on any TV. The outdoor media has been transformed from 2D to 3D to showcase how brands can use the creative technique to produce powerful, memorable outdoor campaigns at scale.

Sky’s Head of TV Marketing, Lucy Hyde said “This impressive design technique has elevated our creative and made our celebration of no longer needing a dish to get Sky even more impactful and distinctive. We are excited to explore these new media opportunities with Global to take our campaigns to the next level.”

The colourful 3D design is bursting out of screens across the UK this summer on Global’s most iconic roadside sites including the Hammersmith Towers and Holborn Eye.

Chris Forrester, Director of Commercial for Outdoor at Global told us “We’re committed to pushing creative boundaries in outdoor advertising here at Global – offering brands unparalleled opportunities to create work that is entertaining, effective, and shareable. The 3D anamorphic technique creates impactful, visually impressive campaigns and it’s now easier and more affordable than ever to execute them at scale, in multiple environments. Across the Global estate, we’ve got screens at airports and National Rail train stations, on the London Underground, and now our roadside estate – the largest in the UK. Sky’s campaign is a brilliant roadside premiere – it brings a fresh perspective that shows how outdoor creative can really pop.”

The campaign has been planned and booked by Rapport.

Global recently launched full-motion 3D outdoor for advertisers wanting to take anamorphic to the next level. In a media first on the London Underground, New York Bakery Co. transformed Global’s huge digital gateway screens at Waterloo and King’s Cross St. Pancras with an eye-catching, giant bagel.

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