New Brand Safety Capability in @Quotient’s #DOOH

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Quotient (NYSE: QUOT) has launched Brand Safety, a new capability within Quotient’s Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) platform, which enables advertisers to effectively ensure inventory is near points of interest, venues or businesses that align with their brand and messages. This new feature gives brands trust and transparency regarding the execution of their DOOH advertising to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns.

It’s important for brand content to be displayed in high-quality environments that deliver effectively against brand objectives. By leveraging this new capability, advertisers can gain greater control and authority over their DOOH ad placement across inventory types, ensuring the quality and relevance of their campaigns and effectively amplifying their brand message to the intended target audience. This ensures the protection of brand reputation by maintaining messaging consistency and establishing trust with the consumer.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of Brand Safety, yet another testament to Quotient’s expertise and unwavering commitment to providing innovative tools to ad buyers across the customer journey,” said Norm Chait, RVP of DOOH at Quotient. “With this valuable addition to our technology platform, we can now confidently reach consumers in brand-safe environments, which can lead to more impactful results for our valued clients.”

The DOOH space has witnessed remarkable growth recently, particularly in terms of programmatic activation and measurement advancements. According to Insider Intelligence, U.S. DOOH advertising will draw 36.2% of OOH advertising revenue this year and more than 41% by 2026.

In the past, brands may have hesitated to adopt DOOH advertising due to the difficulty of applying familiar digital best practices for campaign delivery and measurement. Brand Safety from Quotient provides brand marketers with an elevated level of confidence and transparency when it comes to planning and activating highly-targeted and effective DOOH campaigns—both as a standalone and as a complement to omnichannel ad buys.

To discover how Brand Safety can revolutionize a brand’s DOOH campaigns with more precision and effectiveness, request a demo now by reaching out to

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