Blue Bite Connect Launched By @BlueBite

Andrew Neale

Responding to the accelerated demand for the value-added power of connected products, Blue Bite is announcing Blue Bite Connect, a self-serve solution that provides a no-cost, entry-level opportunity for brands to add digital experiences to products and packaging.

Blue Bite Connect’s QR Touchpoint Manager allows brands to create, customize and utilize QR codes while previewing the added functionality available in premium solutions from Blue Bite, the world’s leading connected product platform.

“Blue Bite Connect is the gateway to a new era of product digitalization,” says Mikhail Damiani, Blue Bite Cofounder and Managing Director. “Unlike ordinary QR code generators, Blue Bite’s purpose-built QR Touchpoint Manager is focused on transforming consumer products into a digital platform, and providing brands with the tools they need to get up and running quickly and easily. More importantly, Connect opens the door to more advanced Blue Bite capabilities like real-time personalization, advanced analytics, and dedicated customer success.”

Incorporating QR codes into products and packaging allows brands to open a two-way communication channel with consumers, unlocking enhanced product and brand discovery; granting exclusive access to digital content, offers and IRL events; powering loyalty and rewards; garnering real-time feedback and reviews; and enabling circularity – all with a simple scan. Brands further benefit with real-time analytics to measure ROI, gain attribution insights and optimize their marketing efforts.

The free, self-serve features offered via Blue Bite Connect’s QR Touchpoint Manager allow brands to:

  • Take advantage of a user-friendly interface
  • Inspire confidence in consumers with a seamless experience that is reliable, safe and secure
  • Generate, customize and track up to 100 QR Touchpoints for different products, campaigns or locations
  • Optimize marketing strategies and maximize ROI with real-time performance and user engagement reporting
  • Easily update and redirect codes as needed to ensure a dynamic and responsive user experience
  • Scale as the brand grows with a seamless transition to advanced functionality with Blue Bite’s full-featured premium platform

Users of the free service can upgrade to premium Blue Bite services, which include experience creation, intelligent automation, advanced analytics, and integration capabilities. Brands can unlock tools like the Experience Studio where they can create dynamic landing pages and web apps at scale with digital experiences personalized for each consumer, product and situation.

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