Popcast Launched By @Motionworks

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Motionworks, one of North America’s leading population intelligence companies announced last week the official launch of its proprietary human mobility solution, Popcast.

Popcast provides demographic and psychographic population density at various geographic resolutions every hour of the day. The magnitude of these population groups, also known as Motionworks Cohorts, can be quantified by the number of people present in a specific geography, index versus a larger geography, and/or composition. Users can measure the concentration of people within these cohorts that reside in geographies as large as DMAs or as small as a census block group.

“We are an early adopter of the Motionworks Popcast products and have found them incredibly valuable to our business,” said Jonnathan Trilleras, Co-Founder and CEO of LED Truck Media. “The data allow us maximize the potential of every dollar advertisers invest in our media by knowing that we are reaching the right audience with our fleet of digital trucks.”

Motionworks provides hundreds of syndicated Motionworks Cohorts in addition to cross-tabulation options and the ability to integrate first and third-party datasets. This robust solution provides heatmapping and advanced visualizations of demographic and psychographic population density via Motionworks’ proprietary software suite, Citycast™.

This solution can be leveraged to inform government planning agencies, optimize real estate site selection, and identify geographies with target audiences for advertising such as direct mail, OOH, and radio across the United States. Roll out of this product into Canada is scheduled to occur within the coming months.

“While many customers have been utilizing the insights provided by our Popcast product for some time, we are excited to offer them the full range of this product’s functionality with the formal launch,” said Julie Folkers, Motionworks SVP of Product. “Users are particularly excited about the ability to cross tabulate Motionworks Cohorts to create their own custom audience targets.”

Popcast can be purchased directly from Motionworks or through the Snowflake Marketplace.

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