Simon Goes To The Mall With Access 360

Chris Sheldrake

The real story in this week’s press release from Access 360 Media is not that they won 49 SIMON shopping malls in top markets but that they beat off stiff competition from Adspace and recently formed Neo Advertising USA LLC to do so.

Someone needs to re-think Access 360 Media’s naming, trademark and branding strategy, seriously does it make any sense to have sub-brands or products Mallvision360TM Digital and Shopper360TM Network – how far will they take this? Perhaps they needed to be reminded of the laughter in the UK at visionaries such as ScreenFX, TrainFX, HealthFX, GoneBustFX

Anyway, it’s a good deal for Access 360 with 900 screens in 49 Simon Property Group malls across the top 20 DMAs and will reach an estimated 140 million shoppers monthly.

Simon Property Group we are told, selected Access 360 Media as their exclusive digital advertising sales representative based on “Access 360 Media’s strong existing relationships with Fortune 500 companies and content creators as well as their proven ability to deliver highly targeted messages in a timely and engaging manner”

Mikael Thygesen, Chief Marketing Officer at Simon Property Group told us “A number of media companies expressed interest in representing … and aggressively bid for the business. In the end, we felt Access 360 represented the best fit for our digital platform”

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  1. George W. Says:

    A3M should be GONE BUST 360 but they are bleeding their VCs Bessemer Ventures Partners and Mission Ventures. That is where the money is coming from to run the co–Venture Capital not ad revenue.

    A3M hasn’t sold a deal in a year and they laid off their key sales/web/marketing staff at the end of last year. A3M can’t get their numbers straight–140 Million–check their metrics vis-a-vis what OVAB would say–they are not being honest with how many people they reach.

    Let’s see what they really sell on the Simon network…we would bet not very much. And they will need a new round (series C funding) very soon!

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