Cognitiv Deep Learning Advertising Platform

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Cognitiv, a leading provider of deep learning #AI for marketers, this week announced the launch of a new Deep Learning Advertising Platform, described as a frst and as a next-generation approach to media buying built with deep learning AI from its inception.

Last year, Cognitiv claim to have grown their client base by 7.5X, driving exceptional results with their deep learning ad solutions. New products, including Curation and Context GPT, two Cognitiv offerings that make deep learning available to any marketer in any DSP, quickly broke USD 12 million in annual run rate before the end of 2023. To support the explosive growth across all of their products, the company grew their headcount by 47% in 2023, with plans to expand by approximately 67% more in 2024.

Cognitiv’s plug-and-play products are all built on top of this Deep Learning Advertising Platform (DLAP), giving marketers a one-stop-shop to build and activate all AI-driven programmatic advertising:

  • Deep Learning DSP – Cognitiv’s Deep Learning DSP is built to access its most advanced AI models. Deep learning allows the DSP to deliver real-time optimization of advanced, custom, business-driven KPIs such as incremental lift and lifetime value (LTV).
  • DSP Agnostic Custom Algorithms (Curation) – Marketers can access advanced neural network algorithms that better predict consumer behavior through dynamic Private Marketplaces. The algorithms are tailored to each marketer’s unique campaign needs and are accessible in any DSP.
  • GPT-powered Contextual Targeting (Context GPT) – Beyond custom algorithms, marketers can create and activate custom AI contextual campaigns from prompts. A cookieless solution, Context GPT understands the nuance of pages and gives marketers the ability to filter on advanced ideas such as inclusivity and sentiment.

“We founded Cognitiv in 2015 to make deep learning accessible to advertisers. 2023 was an inflection point for AI in our industry, and we are glad to see that advertisers are embracing new AI-driven solutions like never before,” said Jeremy Fain, CEO and Co-Founder of Cognitiv. “The Cognitiv difference is that all of our products are just an execution layer for neural networks built inside our Deep Learning Advertising Platform. They are plug-and-play, no data science team required. This gives advertisers the flexibility to not only choose their DSP of choice, but to choose a KPI that is custom and right for their business, like improved LTV instead of a proxy KPI like improved cost per click or view through. Advertisers can maximize their media investment against their unique desired business outcomes, experiencing consistent results at scale.”

Cognitiv is available across most programmatic channels including Display, Mobile, OLV, and CTV and is integrated with a variety of partners including Index Exchange, Magnite, PubMatic and Xandr as well as available on a custom basis.

“Cognitiv’s Deep Learning Advertising Platform delivers a number of unique capabilities that put it in a class by itself. Their predictive segment building, GPT-enabled targeting, and real-time AI driven optimizations unlock incredible results that we simply couldn’t access with traditional and legacy tech,” said David DeMaria, Director of Integrated Investment at Universal McCann. “Their tech not only performs today, but it is also built to evolve with industry trends as advertisers look to innovate and reach audiences in different ways.” intelligence to advertising.

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